Career Opportunities

NRL is a world-class research institution that has a broad depth of scientific interest and an un-paralleled collection of state-of-the-art research facilities. We are seeking dedicated and motivated mid-career research engineering professionals with a proven track record. NRL offers a vibrant and challenging multi-disciplinary S&T environment as well as considerable intellectual freedom to create and pursue new innovations and capabilities.

 people working in a labFor a listing of currently open positions at NRL please see the Human Resources Office page or call the Job Vacancy Hotline at 202-767-3030. Information regarding student, Post Doc, and Faculty positions can be found at Human Resources' Post Doctorate/Faculty Programs.

Working at NRL, you will have the opportunity to interact with some of the finest minds in the world. Apply your talents in a creative, hands-on environment, with opportunities for educational and career development. Learn at the hands of accomplished scientists, travel to prestigious scientific conferences and workshops, and forge your own path of success.

Over the years NRL has developed many technologies that have shaped our past and present lives. We are now working on shaping the future. Accept the challenge.

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