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  • HPLC with photodiode array detection, pH, and other standard analytical instruments, with data collection/reduction peripherals

  • Cary 5E UV Vis near-IR

  • U-3000 Hitachi Spectrophotometer, Windows driven, gas phase or multi-cuvette

  • Fluorolog tau-2 spectrofluorimeter with lifetime measurement capability

  • Modern synthetic equipment for inert atmosphere and vacuum line chemistry (Vacuum Atmosphere glove boxes, airless ware, etc.)

  • Electroanalytical equipment for cyclic voltammetry and similar solution characterization methods

  • High voltage power supplies for microchip capillary electrophresis

  • Beckman MDQ Capillary Electrophoresis

  • Varian Bio100 Spectrophotometer

  • Leica DMRX visible and fluorescence microscope

  • LOMO Lumam visible and fluorescence microscope

  • LOMO visible microscope

  • Oriel Instaspec CCD camera (1062x256) and 1/4m spectrometer

  • Coherent Innova 100 Argon Ion Laser (5W)

  • Spectra physics millennia laser 10W 532 nm

  • IPG Photonics 1064 nm fiber laser (10W)

  • Continuum Minilite laser 1064, 532, and 266 nm

  • TMC air vibration isolation table (8 ft by 3ft)

  • TMC air vibration isolation table (4 ft by 3ft)
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