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Current Areas of Research

Self-Decontaminating Surfaces

Current research efforts are focused on the design and synthesis of renewable spore-germinating bactericidal coatings. The biocide would be incorporated into the surface of a polymer material or applied as a thin film topcoat. Benefits include controlled surface morphology/composition, promotion of spore generation and bactericidal action.

Biocidal Coatings

Materials have been synthesized that form robust coatings and thin films which contains components that exhibit extensive biocidal activity. These materials will find application within the Chem/Bio military community.

Chemical Decontaminating Coatings

Chemical synthesis of polymeric coating systems containing components that chemically alter selected chemical agents on contact are being developed and evaluated for application to the Chem/Bio military community.


Laser Lethality of Materials and Systems

Research on the lethality of near-IR high energy lasers being developed by the Navy on various materials and systems.


Processable Anhydrous Proton Conducting Material

Investigation as to how protons conduct through anhydrous media, especially ionic polymer systems, will lead to the development of more efficient and robust batteries and fuel cells.

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