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Current Areas of Research

Polymer Dynamics

This program is directed to the study of how molecular structure governs the segmental and chain motions of polymers, and in turn the physical properties. A range of spectroscopies are employed with an emphasis on dielectric relaxation as a function of temperature and pressure.


Liquid Crystals

Liquid crystals exhibit both solid and fluid behavior simultaneously, which confers unique optical and electrical properties. By combining viscosity, dielectric relaxation, and equation of state measurements, we have found a connection between the phase transitions of liquid crystals and their dynamics, a discovery not anticipated by any theory. Since liquid crystal devices rely on these phase changes, this work guides development of new liquid crystal technologies.



Finds various uses in the Navy and work within the Section is intended to improve the performance and find new applications. Current projects include elastomeric coatings for armor and sonar rubber domes.


New Material Evaluation

Materials developed In-house of potential Navy or commercial interest are evaluated for electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties.

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