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Current Areas of Research

Preparation and characterization of- (1) semiconducting and conducting aerogel monoliths and powders; (2) hybrid polymer–aerogel nanoarchitectures; (3) colloidal gold, platinum, and nickel composite aerogels for catalysis, sensors, and electrochemical devices; (4) ionically conducting aerogels of relevance for solid-oxide fuel cells; (5) carbon-fiber-supported carbon nanofoams for batteries, fuel cells, and electrochemical capacitors.

Physicochemical characterization and electroanalyses of fuel-cell catalysts and carbon supports.


Preparation and characterization of 3-D nanoarchitectures as integrated, tricontinuous nanobatteries, including fabrication of ultrathin, pinhole-free electropolymerized polymeric separators over 200 m2/g of cathode surface.


Design, synthesis, and evaluation of electrode nanoarchitectures comprising electroactive polymers, metal oxides, and carbon aerogels/nanofoams.

Design and production of ultraporous superparamagnetic nanoarchitectures for application in magnetic separation, sensing, and actuation.


Preparation and characterization of biomolecular-inorganic hybrid assemblies to stabilize electron-transfer proteins in sol-gel matrices and explore protein-protein interactions.

Preparation and characterization of conducting polymer-based electrocatalysts for carbon monoxide oxidation (reformate scrubbing) and fuel-cell electrocatalysis

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