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Instrumentation for conducting research of molecular thin films and biointerfaces.

Instruments for chemical/surface analysis

  1. X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)

  2. micro-Raman spectroscopy (Renishaw System 1000 Ramanscope with 514, 633 and 785 nm lasers)

  3. FTIR spectrometers (Thermo-Nicolet Magna 760s with MCT-B, InSb, MCT-A, and DTGS detectors along with accessories for transmission, grazing angle reflectance, diffuse reflectance, and attenuated total reflectance accessories to analyze polymers, thin films, or liquids.

  4. FTIR microscope (Thermo-Nicolet NicPlan, MCT-A detector with ~100 µm spatial resolution)

  5. Flash Chromatography (CombiFlash Companion)

  6. Semi-Preparative HPLC (Varian)

  7. Lyophilizer (Labconoco)



Scanned Probe Microscopy and Nanomechanics Instrumentation

  1. Atomic and Lateral Force Microscopes (Digital Instruments Nanoscope IIIa and Multimode AFM),

  2. Veeco Nanoman SPM with closed-loop XYZ scanner and nanolithography capabilities

  3. Hysitron scanning-nanoindenters (Triboscope and Ubi Bioindenter) with commercial and custom software.

Mechanical property testing

  1. Depth-sensing nanoindentation systems: a Hysitron Triboscope and Hysitron Ubi Bioindenter.

  2. Depth sensing microindentation testers: UMIS-2000, with nm depth, μN force resolution; Fischerscope H100, with μm-depth, mN-force resolution; a Romulus III hardness tester with 100 N load test capabilities.

  3. Engineering hardness tester (Tukon tester).


Non-contact optical profilometers


  1. ADE Phase Shift MicroXAM (interferometer)

  2. STIL/Nanovea from Microphotonics (chromatic aberration profilometer)

Camera for high speed videography and microscopy – Phantom v7.3 (> 100k fps)

Optical spectrometer (UV/VIS/NIR) with high-speed data acquisition (1 ms/spectrum)

Instrumentation for conducting research in friction, wear, and boundary lubrication

  1. Computerized reciprocating sliding and pin-on-disk tribometers in controlled environments,

  2. In situ Raman microscopy reciprocating tribometer with real-time, in-contact video and micro-Raman analysis

  3. CSEM pin-on-disk tribometer

  4. Hysitron 2D force transducers for friction sensing at uN to mN applied loads

  5. Polishing wear tester with nanometer-scale resolution

  6. CSEM calowear ball cratering wear tester;

  7. ASTM standard four-ball wear tester and an ASTM standard pin and Vblock lubrication tester

Instrumentation for investigating adhesion of coatings

  1. Romulus III with modules for scratch, pull, shear and blade adhesion testing;

  2. Hysitron Ubi and Triboscope 2D transducer scratch capability

  3. UMIS-2000 nanoscratch tester

  4. Instrumented low load/displacement pull and shear tester with video monitoring of the contact.

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