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Postdoc Opps

Postdoctoral positions exist in several areas including:

  • Chemistry and physics relevant to fire suppression, both experimental and modeling.
  • Optical diagnostics in Combustion processes including aerosol diagnostics (both droplets and particles) and related chemistry.
  • Gas phase chemical processes relevant to suppression including kinetics and mechanistic studies.
  • Modeling studies including combustion processes, fluid flows, and droplets.

Facilities include:

  • Several laser and/or laser systems including excimer, Nd:YAG, dye, ion lasers
  • IR spectrometers
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Atmospheric and low-pressure combustion facilities
  • Counter-flow diffusion burners
  • High-temperature reactors for gas phase kinetic studies
  • Computer based data acquisition systems
  • SGI workstations including dual processor ONYX

The postdoctoral program at the Naval Research Laboratory is restricted to U.S. citizens. Initial appointments are for one year and are routinely renewable for a second year.

The applicant is responsible for selecting a research project and writing a research proposal in collaboration with a prospective advisor. The fellowship is administered through the National Research Council. Deadlines for application material are January 15 for the February review and April 15 for the June review.

For more information please contact:

Dr. James W. Fleming
Combustion Dynamics Section:
Code 6185 Navy Technology Center for Safety and Survivability
Naval Research Laboratory
Washington, DC 20375-5342
Phone: 202-767-2065, fax 202-767-1716

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