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Major Programs

Damage Control Automation for Reduced Manning (DC-ARM)

The DC-ARM program addresses the Navy's need to reduce manning aboard ships by reducing the number of personnel required for shipboard damage control actions through automation. Survivable automation, coupled with new operational concepts, will significantly reduce damage control and engineering manning requirements while simultaneously improving surface ship survivability. DC-ARM shifts both routine and hazardous manpower-intensive manual damage control operations to survivable automation. The ex-USS Shadwell has been the site of the three major demonstrations of the DC-ARM concepts.

Advanced Damage Counter Measures

The Advanced Damage Countermeasures (ADC) is a new program that is part of ONR’s Platform Protection, Future Naval Capabilities (FNC) program. The ADC program is currently planned for FY 02-05 and will continue to build on the DC-ARM concepts and further expand automated damage control system capabilities.

Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E)

LFT&E is a test program that is intended to review vulnerability and recoverability issues related to CVNX DC Systems and fire protection issues related to the CVNX Hangar Bay and magazines.

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