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Division Overview

Basic Responsibilities

The Spacecraft Engineering Department (SED) is the focal point for the Navy's capability to design and build spacecraft. Activities range from concept and feasibility planning to on-orbit IOC for NRL's space systems. The SED provides spacecraft bus expertise for the Navy and maintains an active in-house capability to develop satellites; manages Navy space programs through engineering support and technical direction; in concert with the Space Systems Development Department, designs, assembles and tests spacecraft and space experiments, including all aspects of space, launch, and ground support; analyzes and designs structures, mechanisms, and a variety of control systems, including attitude, propulsion, reaction, and thermal; integrates satellite designs, launch vehicles, and satellite-to-boost stages; functions as a prototype laboratory to ensure that designs can be transferred to industry and incorporated into subsequent satellite hardware builds; and consults with the Navy Program Office on technical issues involving spacecraft architecture, acquisition, and operation.


118 full-time civilian; 26 student civilian; 1 intermittent civilian.

Point of Contact

Administrative Office: 202-767-6412

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