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Research Areas

Design, Test, and Processing

  • Design, fabrication, and testing of spacecraft and hardware
  • Preliminary and detailed design, fabrication, testing, and integration onto launch vehicle
  • Systems engineering for new spacecraft proposals
  • Start-to-finish responsibility for NCST spacecraft mechanical systems

Space Mechanical Systems Development

  • Research and development in spacecraft technology
  • Conceptual design trade studies
  • Integrated engineering design and analysis
  • Structural and thermal design and analysis
  • Development and transition of prototype hardware
  • Development and integration of experimental pay loads
  • Mission integration and development

Control Systems

  • Attitude determination and control systems
  • Precision pointing
  • Optical line-of-sight stabilization
  • Propulsion systems
  • Precision cleaning and component testing
  • Propellent and pressurization systems
  • Hydraulic and pneumatics control
  • Test systems and services
  • Analytical design and mission planning
  • Navigation, tracking, and orbit dynamics
  • Expert systems
  • Flight operations support
  • Computer simulation
  • Computer animation
  • Robotics systems engineering
  • Proximity operations
  • Autonomous servicing
  • Autonomous inspection
  • End effector design
  • Compliance control
  • Trajectory planning
  • Machine vision
  • Fault detection, isolation, and recovery

Space Electronic Systems Development

  • Space system concept definition, design, and implementation including hardware and software
  • Detailed electrical/electronic design of electronic and electromechanical systems and components
  • Implementation of real-time flight software and embedded command, control, and telemetry software
  • Design and verification of real-time embedded multiprocessor software
  • Spacecraft antenna systems
  • Space systems fabrication, test, and integration
  • Launch and on-orbit support
  • Space test systems and electronic launch support equipment
  • Space TT&C and control systems
  • Space communication systems

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