The Vacuum Electronics Branch serves as the principal DOD center for the science and technology of vacuum electronic devices. The primary mission of the Branch is to conduct research and development programs in vacuum electronics and related technologies that support Navy and DOD interests and capabilities in the full range of electronic combat functions. Moreover, the Branch serves as the focal point for the insertion of vacuum electronics technology into Navy engineering development efforts. Branch technical programs span a wide range of issues affecting vacuum electronics. Topics of interest include:

  • Beam-wave interactions that result in the generation of coherent electromagnetic radiation in a spectra range extending from the ultra-high frequency (UHF) to the far infrared (THz)
  • Surface science related to electron emission mechanisms, high brightness beam optics
  • Material development for RF applications; micro-fabrication and cooling techniques
  • High-power millimeter wave and upper-millimeter wave components technology
  • Techniques for high data rate digital communications
  • Novel computational techniques for efficient modeling electronic devices