Principal Investigators: Dr. Daniel Gammon, Dr. Allan S. Bracker

We have an extensive research effort to explore and develop quantum dot materials for quantum information science and technology. This program encompasses MBE growth, fabrication, optical spectroscopy, and coherent optical control. The materials are based on self-assembled InAs quantum dots on GaAs. Nucleation techniques are used to grow ordered quantum dot molecules. The dots are embedded in Schottky diode heterostructures so that individual carriers can be injected and coherent tunneling of carriers between quantum dots can be controlled. Both electrons and holes are of interest for spin qubits in quantum dots. Photoluminescence spectroscopy is used to characterize the optical spectra, and direct absorption spectroscopy with continuous and pulsed lasers is used to carry quantum operations, such as spin initialization, spin-preserving measurement, and quantum gates on one or two spin qubits.

Selected Publications

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