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Nainani A, Sun Y, Irisawa T, Yuan Z, Kobayashi M, Pianetta P, Bennett BR, Boos JB, Saraswat KC.  2011.  Device quality Sb-based compound semiconductor surface: A comparative study of chemical cleaning. Journal of Applied Physics. 109(11) 11-1226-0720.pdf (488.47 KB)
Ali A, Madan H, Agrawal A, Ramirez I, Misra R, Boos JB, Bennett BR, Lindemuth J, Datta S.  2011.  Enhancement Mode Antimonide Quantum Well MOSFETs With High Electron Mobility and GHz Small-Signal Switching Performance. IEEE Electron Device Letters. 32:11689-11691. 11-1226-3596.pdf (510.44 KB)
Ali A, Madan H, Misra R, Agrawal A, Schiffer P, Boos JB, Bennett BR, Datta S.  2011.  Experimental Determination of Quantum and Centroid Capacitance in Arsenide-Antimonide Quantum-Well MOSFETs Incorporating Non-Parabolicity Effect. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. 58:1397-1403. 11-1226-4621.pdf (1.07 MB)
Xia L, Boos JB, Bennett BR, Ancona MG, del Alamo JA.  2011.  Hole Mobility Enhancement through <110> Uniaxial Strain in In0.41Ga0.59Sb Quantum-Well Field Effect Transistors. Applied Physics Letters. 98(5) 11-1226-0119.pdf (178.63 KB)
Nainani A, Yuan Z, Krishnamohan T, Bennett BR, Boos JB, Reason M, Ancona MG, Nishi Y, Saraswat KC.  2011.  InxGa1-xSb channel pMOSFETS: Effect of strain on heterostructure design. Journal of Applied Physics. 110(1) 11-1226-1829.pdf (804.41 KB)
Nainani A, Irisawa T, Yuan Z, Bennett BR, Boos JB, Nishi Y, Saraswat KC.  2011.  Optimization of the Al2O3/GaSb Interface and a High-Mobility GaSb. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. 58(10) 11-1226-1830.pdf (1.35 MB)
Nainani A, Irisawa T, Bennett BR, Boos JB, Ancona MG, Saraswat KC.  2011.  Shubinov-de Haas oscillations in compressively-strained (In)GaSb quantum wells. Solid State Electronics. 62:138-141. 10-1226-1248.pdf (331.91 KB)
Ali A, Madan H, Misra R, Hwang E, Agrawal A, Ramirez I, Schiffer P, Jackson TN, Mohney SE, Boos JB et al..  2010.  Advanced Composite High-κ Gate Stack for Mixed Anion Arsenide-Antimonide Quantum Well Transistors. IEDM. 10-1226-3867.pdf (1.49 MB)
Bennett BR, Khan SA, Boos JB, Papanicolaou NA, Kuznetsov VV.  2010.  AlGaSb buffer layers for Sb-based transistors. Journal of Electronic Materials. 39:2196-2202. 10-1226-1246.pdf (876 KB)
Nainani A, Irisawa T, Yuan Z, Sun Y, Krishnamohan T, Reason M, Bennett BR, Boos JB, Ancona MG, Nishi Y et al..  2010.  Development of high-k dielectric for Antimonides & a sub 350°C III-V pMOSFET outperforming Ge. IEDM. 10-1226-3885.pdf (1.32 MB)
Ali A, Madan H, Kirk AP, Zhao DA, Mourey DA, Hudait MK, Wallace RM, Jackson TN, Bennett BR, Boos JB et al..  2010.  Fermi level unpinning of GaSb (001) using plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 dielectric. Applied Physics Letters. 97 10-1226-2230.pdf (475.2 KB)
Champlain JG, Magno R, Bass R, Park D, Boos JB.  2010.  InAlAsSb/InGaSb Double-Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors with InAsSb Contact Layers. Electronics Letters. 46(19) 10-1226-2595.pdf (76.21 KB) 10-1226-2595-1.pdf (90.92 KB)
Reason M, Bennett BR, Magno R, Boos JB.  2010.  Molecular beam epitaxial regrowth of InGaSb. Journal of Electronic Materials. 40(1):6-10. 10-1226-3887.pdf (251.61 KB)
Ancona MG, Bennett BR, Boos JB.  2010.  Scaling Projections for Sb-Based p-Channel FETs. Solid State Electronics. 54:1349-1358. 10-1226-0462.pdf (496.7 KB)