TitleComprehending Synthetically Accelerated Speech: The Relationship Between Performance and Self-Confidence
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsWasylyshyn, C, Brock, DP, McClimens, B
Conference NameThe 17th Annual International Conference on Auditory Display
Date Published06/2011
PublisherInternational Community for Auditory Display
Conference LocationBudapest, Hungary

The present study examines the ability to comprehend speech presented at synthetically accelerated rates in an auditory display environment. We sought to determine whether listeners could accurately predict their own performance when listening to accelerated speech. Comprehension performance and self-confidence ratings were compared at seven different rates of presentation. Self-confidence and accurate comprehension were related at slow to moderately accelerated rates of speech, however, listeners demonstrated an overconfidence effect at higher accelerated speech rates.

Refereed DesignationRefereed
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