Description: NRL has developed scalable, solution-based benchtop methods to generate conformal ultrathin (-2 addressable within tens of seconds, a time scale of relevance for hybrid electric vehicles. Pairing MnOx-carbon nanofoam with FeOx-carbon nanofoam yields an energy-storage device with an extended operating voltage in mild aqueous electrolytes (~2V) that provides technologically relevant energy and power density while also being low cost, safe to operate, and environmentally benign.

Advantages/Features Include:

  • Device-ready electrode structures that exhibit up to tenfold increased electrochemical charge storage.
  • Combination of high-performance electrode materials and aqueous electrolytes results in energy-storage devices that are low cost, safe to operate, environmentally benign, and have relevant energy and power density.

Applications Include:

  • Hybrid-electric systems
  • Bridge/back-up power
  • Energy recovery


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