Description: Scientists and engineers at the Naval Research Laboratory, Army Research Laboratory, FS Technologies, and Oklahoma State University have developed a protective equipment system for extremities, designed to reduce the likelihood of severe injury to arms and legs. The configuration of protection zones is based on known injury patterns and anatomical vulnerability. These economical protective suits were designed to optimize flexibility, mobility, and comfort. This equipment augments standard body armor and provides National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level II protection against blast fragments and small arms fire.

Advantages/Features Include:

  • Reduces likelihood of severe injuries
  • Designed for ease of donning and comfort during use (vented; flexible joints) - arm pieces weigh 2 lbs apiece; leg pieces weigh 3.5-4.7 lbs apiece, depending on model
  • Removable ballistic material inserts provide for easy maintenance/replacement are available
  • Integrates with available protective vests

Applications Include:

  • Law enforcement
  • Explosive ordnance and bomb disposal
  • Security force protection

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