Employment Opportunities in Offboard Countermeasures

Radio Frequency (RF) Systems Engineer (Code 5713) - The Advanced Payloads Research Section at the Naval Research Laboratory has an immediate need for a Radio Frequency (RF) Systems Engineer who will be responsible for developing electronic countermeasure (ECM) equipment and payloads. The incumbent in this position will develop/design/build /test system level concepts for advanced electronic warfare systems, document progress for presentation to the program sponsor, and assist with the preparation of plans for demonstration of successful development programs. This position requires knowledge of microwave instrumentation, high frequency circuit design, RF propagation and antenna design. The work concerns development of microwave receivers, transmitters, and deception devices for protection of Navy aircraft from radar guided weapons. Duties involve research into advanced countermeasure techniques and development of new electronic concepts, components, subsystems and systems for use against the ever growing and changing global missile threat.

Required Qualifications:

The ideal applicant would have 3-5 years of related technical experience, with a substantial portion of this experience in RF systems engineering and development in the microwave (2-20 GHz) and millimeter (20-100 GHz) frequency bands. The applicant should be familiar with RF design tools and have technical software experience using tools such as PSpice, Dx Designer, OrCAD, PADS, AutoCAD, MS Visio, MATLAB, and C Programming. Qualifications include microwave testing experience; design of solid state RF integrated modules, RF subsystems design, and microwave/millimeter wave circuit design. Proficiency with administrative tools such as MS Office, MS Project and PowerPoint are also desired. Knowledge of airborne electronic systems technology would be considered a plus.

Applicant must also be willing to travel occasionally (1-2 times monthly).

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Electronic Warfare Engineering Analyst (Code 5714) - to provide support to the development of active RF decoy techniques and requirements. A background in radars, radar signal processing, and communications is desired. The candidate will be involved in determining the optimal usage and evaluation of RF decoy payload performance and RF decoy effectiveness. The candidate will assist in the engineering and analysis required for the development of RF decoy capabilities for various ship classes and conduct tradeoff studies given constraints such as ship configuration, ship RCS signature, and RF decoy limitations. The candidate will make use of current modeling and analysis tools and as needed, develop analysis tools. In preparation of field testing of the decoy system, the candidate will be involved in assessments of decoy effectiveness and involved in the post-test analysis of data.

The candidate will work with senior engineers on the development of requirements for advanced decoys, and both use and develop various tools to analyze important aspects of the EW engagement process, such as decoy apparent RCS and signal fidelity, ship RCS statistics, RF propagation effects, and anti-ship missile radar signal processing techniques.

The Section, Code 5714, is currently a small group, and the candidate will have much room for growth in the broad area of EW Engineering. Need to be willing to work with others and be part of small teams with diverse technical skills.


Education Requirement: BSEE degree, advanced degree desired, with at least four years experience.

Computer/Software Requirement: Matlab, Microsoft Office applications, Windows and Linux computing environments. C++ and Java are a plus, but not required.

Travel Requirement: Less than 10%.

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