Employment Opportunities in Electronic Warfare Modeling and Simulation

NRL Code 5770 is seeking candidates to support and/or lead software development activities on Electronic Warfare Modeling & Simulation programs. Candidates must have a minimum of a B.S. in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science; advanced degrees are desirable (M.S. and/or PhD). Other disciplines (Physics, Operations Research, etc.,) will be considered with substantial programming experience. Candidates should have a background in one or more of the following areas: electronic warfare receiver design, radar modeling and simulation, signal processing, communications, circuit theory, electromagnetic theory and propagation, and/or operations research. Proficiency in Object-Oriented C++, Matlab, and a variety of OS’es (LINUX, Windows) is desirable. Candidates must have or be able to obtain a Secret-level clearance.

NRL Code 5770 is also seeking RF System Analysts to provide subject matter expertise support in the RF/EW domain. The candidate should have an EE, Physics, CE, MIS, degree equivalent, or equivalent work experience and have hands-on operational experience with communication and radar systems, knowledge of and experience with radio frequency principles and experience writing requirements and problem definition documents. We are seeking Java developers at both the entry and senior levels. The applicant’s skill sets should include some or all of the following: knowledge of and experience with the Java language, paradigm, and related technologies, as well as experience with large Java centric applications, a C.S. degree or equivalent, 2-7 years or more of development experience utilizing Java & Swing technologies in a production environment, experience with UML and life cycle development paradigms, 3D graphics, Open GL, and JOGL, distributed and service orientated architectures, JDBC, SQL, and relational databases, XML & XML Schema, GIS, DSS, and M&S applications and principles. Candidates must have or be able to obtain a Secret-level clearance.

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