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"CASE STUDY: The Micro Tactical Expendable (MITE) Rigid-Wing Micro Air Vehicle," Introduction to the Design of Fixed Wing Micro Air Vehicles, Chapter 4, AIAA Education Series, 2007


"The NRL Micro Tactical Expendable (MITE) Air Vehicle," The Aeronautical Journal, Vol. 106, No. 1062, pp. 431-441, August 2002


"Attitude Command Attitude Hold And Stability Augmentation Systems For A Small-Scale Helicopter UAV," Digital Avionics and Systems Conference, October 2003 (PDF)

"Implementation Details of an Adaptive Flight Controller," AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Controls Conference, August 2005 (PDF)

"High Packing Efficiency EAV for Local Area Seeding," AIAA 51st Joint Electronic Warfare Conference, May 2006 (PDF)

"Development and Testing of the BITE-Wing Flapping-Foil Micro Air Vehicle," 20th Bristol UAV Systems Conference, April 2005

"Development and Testing of Unconventional Micro Air Vehicle Configurations," AIAA Unmanned Unlimited Conference, September 2003

"Testing of a PEM Fuel Cell System for Small UAV Propulsion," 42nd Power Sources Conference, June 2006

"Navigation and Flight Control Systems for Micro Air Vehicles," 18th International UAV Systems Conference, 21 March-2 April 2003

"Material contained herein is made available for the purpose of peer review and discussion and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense."

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