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What is TurboPy and how does it work? 

The NRL turboPy boot camp feeds the industry need for experienced programmers, teaches the future workforce Python coding called turboPy, and demonstrates how to apply that knowledge to real-world situations. The skills interns acquire during turboPy are applicable to any field. Boot camp participants leave the program with improved reasoning and management skills.

NRL employees, contractors and interns lead the program. The boot camp team worked together to create two sets of Python curriculum: fundamental and applied. The fundamental track is for those new to Python. Topics covered within the fundamentals track include learning how to write programs to answer questions, testing code, and documenting code. The applied track is for those who are experienced with Python. Topics covered within the applied track include refactoring Python applications and using Python for data science.

TurboPy boot camp allows NRL to train the leaders of tomorrow through work experience and mentorship.’  


What are the benefits of TurboPy Mentorship?

Benefits of having two tracks include higher participant involvement, as well as a more meaningful turboPy experience. No matter where a participant starts, they are guaranteed to learn develop new understandings of computer science based concepts and improve their coding skills. A major boot camp emphasis involves participants, on both the fundamental and applied tracks, working together to complete a project using their knowledge of Python.

This project can vary from simulating occurrences in physics to creating codes that allow easier access to other programs and information. Each project will have a mentor to guide participants as they work to complete tasks and access to student leaders who can work within GitHub to assign tasks and manage questions and discussions. Upon project completion, the expectation is that interns will have a more comprehensive knowledge of Python and its applications.



Additional TurboPy Facts: 

As of 2020, there are 10 mentors, 4 staff, and 19 students who leveraged the bootcamp for external projects; 11 students and 6 mentors continued in the incubator phase to work on their projects within the turboPy incubator.

Stats of past participants from NRL bootcamp: 30 students (23 NRL, 7 MDA - Missile Defense Agency); 4 staff (2 NRL, 2 MDA); 16 mentors (15 NRL, 1 MDA) For the App Incubator: 11 students, 6 mentors, and 9 projects


For more information about the NRL turboPy bootcamp, please contact NRL Corporate Communications at (202) 480-3746 or nrlpao@nrl.navy.mil.


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