1995 Awards

National Medal of Science: - Dr. Isabella Karle, 1995, "for developing a method for determining essentially equal-atom crystal and molecular structures by x-ray analysis, thereby having a profound effect on the practice of organic and biological chemistry."

A.B. Wood Medal and Prize, UK Institute of Acoustics - Dr. Michael Collins for "exceptional contributions to numerical modeling of complex acoustical phenomena and nonlinear inversion methods."

Otto Schott Research Award, Schott Glas, Edinburgh, Scotland - Dr. David Griscom for "being among the first to apply the electron-spin resonance technique to glass materials."

Nathaniel Stinson Equal Opportunity Employment Award, Department of the Navy - NRL for "special recognition of support and leadership of the SECNAV 'One Navy' Recruiting Program."

DoD Distinguished Civilian Service Award - Dr. Isabella Karle for "effecting major advances in chemistry and the chemical industry by affording an analytical tool to determine the arrangements of atoms."

Michelson Award, Navy League of the U.S. - Dr. Thomas Giallorenzi "for his significant accomplishments in the development and utilization of fiber optics and electro-optics in the Departments of the Navy and Defense."

Jack Bono Engineering Communications Award, Society of Fire Protection Engineering - Dr. Homer Cohart, co-winner, for contributions to the advancement and application of professional fire-protection engineering.

NAS Award in Chemical Sciences, Oxy International - Dr. Isabella Karle "for innovative research in the chemical sciences that, in the broadest sense, contributes to a better understanding of the natural sciences and to the benefit of humanity."

American Ceramic Society, Best Paper Award - Dr. Todd Jessen for his paper which received the highest rating of any paper ever for this award during the 19 years the Annual Conference and Exposition on Composites and Advanced Ceramics has taken place.

Lasers & Electro-Optics Society (LEOS) William Streifer Award - Dr. Stuart Searles "for the demonstration and development of excimer lasers including the first excimer laser."

Space Frontier Foundation Award - Clementine Team for "an impressive quantity of high-quality multispectral, topographic and other data of the moon's surface, while testing military sensor hardware."

Stellar Award, Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation - NRL Clementine team, for its pioneering efforts in successfully demonstrating the first "cheaper, faster, better" concept.

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