2000 Awards

The Combustion Institute, Ya. B. Zeldovich Gold Medal - Dr. Elaine Oran, "for her pioneering applications of numerical simulation for solving problems in fluid dynamics and reaching flows."

Captain Robert Dexter Conrad Award for Scientific Achievement - Dr. Timothy Coffey, "for his exceptional ability to promote an innovative environment at, and foster the scientific breakthroughs of, the Naval Research Lab."

Women In Science And Engineering Award For Scientific Achievement - Dr. Elizabeth Dobisz, for her work on e-beam nanolithography and proximity effects.

IEEE Frederik Phillips Award - Dr. Gerald Borsuk, "his managerial and technical leadership in directing the creation and transition of new materials and devices into electronic systems"

IEEE Dennis Picard Medal for Radar Technologies and Applications - Dr. Merrill Skolnik, "recognized for outstanding leadership of Navy radar research, authorship of widely used books on radar, and personal contributions to the advancement of radar tech. and systems."

National Institute of Science Outstanding Scientist Award - Dr. George Carruthers "in recognition of his distinguished career to space research and for exemplary services to teaching students."

IEEE/AESS, Young Radar Engineer of the Year Award - Dr. Michael Steiner, for his contributions to the "conception, direction, and development of both theoretical techniques and practical systems aimed at improving the detection capability of radars."

American Astronautical Society Dirk Brouwer Award - Dr. Shannon Coffey, for his "significant contribution in solving critical astrodynamic problem using parallel processing."

Young Investigator Award, International Symposium on Aerogels - Dr. Jeffrey W. Long, for "his current accomplishments and on-going research in aerogels, establishing himself as a contributor of distinction to the multidisciplinary research that aerogel science and technology encompasses."

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