Awards in 2003

SES 2003 Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Senior Executive - Dr. Edward Franchi, for his distinguished leadership in the field of acoustics, in general, and underwater acoustics, in particular, which has had a profound impact on the Navy, the Department of Defense, and the Nation.

SES 2003 Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Senior Professional - Dr. John Reintjes, for his development of new technologies to diagnose and detect faults in major military/industrial mechanical systems.

SES 2003 Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Senior Professional - Dr. Frances Ligler, for consistently demonstrating strength, integrity, industry, and a relentless commitment to excellence in public service through her creative ability to invent; with the leadership skills to bring her inventions to products of importance to the Department of Defense and the Nation.

Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Defense Programs Award of Excellence - Drs. Gerald Cooperstein, Robert Commisso, David Mosher, Paul Ottinger and Joseph Schumer for their role in the development of the Cygnus Pulsed Power-Driven Flash X-Ray Radiographic Source for SubCritical Experiments.

Department of Defense Modeling and Simulation Award for 2002 - Dr. Gene Layman for developing technologies to manage simulated data within Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems.

Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation Homeland Security Award - Dr. Frances Ligler for "her work on ultrasensitive detectors for biological threats."

Jerome Kruger Award for Corrosion Science, National Association of Corrosion Engineers - Dr. Ed McCafferty for "his distinguished contributions to the understanding of surface chemistry, the passivity of metal surfaces, surface modification, modeling, corrosion inhibitors, and adhesion science."

Robert T. Foley Award, Electrochemical Society - Dr. Ed McCafferty for his work in corrosion science and education, and for his activities in the Electrochemical Society.

Achievement Award from The Technical Cooperation Program - Mr. Gregory Nichols for making "a significant contribution in extending specific emitter identification capabilities to military radars."

Achievement Award from The Technical Cooperation Program - Dr. Robert Brady for "the development of ship exterior coatings that reflect...incident solar energy while maintaining the desirable physical, chemical, and environmental properties of existing paints."

Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer - Dr. Jeffrey Bowles for his successful transfer of the Optical Real-Time Adaptive Spectral Identification System (ORASIS) for the analysis and compression of hyperspectral images.

Election to the National Academy of Sciences - Dr. Judith Lean for her distinguished and continuing achievements in original [space science] research.

National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductee - Dr. George Carruthers for his invention of the far ultraviolet electrographic camera, which was sent to the Moon on the Apollo 16 mission.

ASM International' s George Kimbell Burgess Award - Dr. Ashraf Imam for his outstanding contributions to the science of metallurgy.

International Public Management Association - NRL's Human Resources Office for significant 2002 accomplishments in human resource management for the further development and final implementation of the NRL Personnel Management Demonstration Project.

Election to the National Academy of Engineering - Dr. Elaine Oran for her work in unifying engineering, scientific, and mathematical disciplines into a computational methodology to solve challenging aerospace combustion problems.

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