2005 Awards

National Medal of Technology - Mr Roger Easton, for his extensive pioneering achievements in spacecraft tracking, navigation and timing technology that led to the development of the NAVSTAR-Global Positioning System (GPS).

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 2005 Fluid Dynamics Award - Dr. Jay Boris, for outstanding contributions to the understanding of behavior of liquids and gases in motion as related to needs in aeronautics and astronautics.

Secretary of Defense Medal for Contributions to Defense Science - Dr. Len Buckley for his service to the Defense Sciences Office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Civil Air Patrol Distinguished Service Medal and Exceptional Service Ribbon - Dr. John Kershenstein for his work in transferring invaluable Navy hyperspecral imaging technology and assisting in its integration in support of CAP and their partner, the U.S. Air Force, to meet their respective search and rescue requirements.

The Environmental Security Technology Certification Program Project-of-the-Year Award - Drs. Herb Nelson and Jimmie McDonald (formerly of NRL) for developing and demonstrating an airborne version of the Multi-sensor Towed Array Detection System (MTADS) for large-scale unexploded ordnance geophysical surveys.

The Technical Cooperation Program Achievement Award - Drs. Fred T. Erskine and Roger C. Gauss for multistatic anti-submarine warfare (ASW) experimentation.

Election to the National Academy of Engineering - Dr. Frances Ligler for "the invention and demonstration of portable, automated biosensors for fast, onsite detection of pathogens, toxins, pollutants, drugs of abuse, and explosives."

American Meteorological Society Special Act Award - Mr. Jeff Hawkins for "his major efforts in promoting and developing the near real-time distribution of global tropical satellite meteorological data and scientific products."

The American Astronomical Society Hale Prize - Dr. Spiro Antiochos for his work on "the thermodynamics and stability of coronal magnetic fields and for his outstanding public service to the community."

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