2010 Awards

Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS) – Dr. Kevin Jensen "for fundamental contributions to the theory and modeling of electron emission sources for particle accelerators and microwave tubes."

DoN Meritorious Civilian Service Award – Dr. Kazhikathra Kailasanath recognized as an international authority on the propulsion applications of detonation waves.

DoN Meritorious Civilian Service Award -- Drs. Charlie Barron and Clark Rowley for their significant overall contributions to ongoing ocean forecasting and specifically for the roles they played in providing the Fleet with the ability to use forecasted sound speed in mission planning.

2009 Hillebrand Prize – Dr. James E. Butler for pioneering contributions to understanding the chemical vapor deposition of diamond and advocating the exploitation of diamond materials in advanced technologies.

Distinguished Service to the American Vacuum Society (AVS) – Dr. John N. Russell Jr., for his service as the 2008 President and 2009 Past President.

Fellow of the American Vacuum Society – Dr. Irwin L. Singer “for exceptional contributions to the fundamental understanding of tribology in the areas of surface modification, thin solid film lubrication, and third body processes in sliding interfaces.”

2010 TMS Leadership Award – Dr. Donald U. Gubser "for scientific vision, technical leadership, innovative management, and professional service to materials science in the Navy, Defense, and National materials science research and development programs."

Fellow of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers – Dr. Kathryn J. Wahl for tribological research contributions, most notably towards the fundamental understanding of solid-lubricating and hard wear resistant coatings.

Ravenshaw University, Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa – Dr. Bhakta Rath for his long standing efforts to develop research collaborations in the fields of physical and natural sciences between India and the U.S. with funding support from the Department of State.

2009 Per Bruel Gold Medal for Noise Control and Acousitics (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) – Dr. Earl Williams for "pioneering work in the development and application of near-field acoustical holography, which has provided the ability to control sound radiation in a wide-variety of applications."

DoN Meritorious Civilian Service Award – Dr. Marshall H. Orr for his service as Technical Director, Senior Scientist and Program Manager of the Ballistic Missile Submarine Nuclear Security Technology Program.

DoN Meritorious Civilian Service Award – Dr. James E. Butler for his sustained exemplary contributions in advancing the science and technology of diamond growth and characterization.

2010 Service to America Career Achievement Medal Finalist – Peter Wilhelm recognized for his five decades of service at NRL where he has been involved in the development, deployment and operation of more than 95 satellites critical to the nation's defense and intelligence gathering capabilities.

Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS) – Dr. Rhonda Stroud "for contributions to the understanding of the structure of synthetic and natural materials including Ti-based quasicrystals, aerogel nanocomposites, spin-polarized thin film devices and dust from stars and comets."

2010 Defense Procurement, Acquisition Policy, and Strategic Sourcing Program Team Excellence Award – John Young for his role as a patent attorney on a team regarding the Navy's intellectual property development and protection of the Service Contract Act Price Adjustment Calculation Tool prototype.

CEDAR Prize Lecturer – Dr. Paul Bernhardt was chosen for the presentation because of his "pioneering work" in the areas of ionospheric modification with high-power radio waves and chemical releases, satellite-based radio beacon sensing of space plasmas, and analysis and numerical modeling of plasma instabilities.

Fellow of the Directed Energy Professional Society – Dr. Tim Andreadis "for his outstanding contributions to the U.S for enhancing the survivability and effectiveness of our warfighters by investigating the effects of Radio Frequency Directed Energy on electronic threat systems and developing the technology needed to help evaluate the military utility of RF DEW concepts for ship and harbor protection."

Fellow of the American Chemical Society – Dr. John Russell, Jr., for exceptional work in the field of surface chemistry focused on fundamental chemical reaction mechanisms and kinetics on metal and semiconductor surfaces, and for outstanding contributions to the ACS through the Colloid and Surface Chemistry Division and the ACS Council.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space Systems Award – NRL’s STPSat-1 satellite team for "the successful design, development, integration, and on-orbit tests of technologies and mission operations supporting critical U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy missions."

DoD Distinguished Civilian Service Award – Peter Wilhelm for “demonstrated exceptional technical expertise, outstanding management, and zealous dedication to excellence in support of the Department of the Navy, Department of Defense, and national space programs.”

Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – Dr. Donald Gubser for "contributions to applied superconductivity."

Fellow of the American Meteorological Society – Dr. James Doyle for his multi-facet contributions to the science of mountain meteorology and mesoscale predictability, and to tactical meteorological support of the mission of U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

Fellow of the American Meteorological Society – Dr. Richard Hodur for his long-term contribution to the Navy's numerical weather prediction enterprise as a system developer, a manager, and a leader.

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