2012 Awards

Chair of SPIE Defense Security and Sensing's Ocean Sensing and Monitoring Conference – Dr. Weilin Hou and Mr. Bob Arnone selected to chair. More Information

DoN Meritorious Civilian Service Award – Dr. Robert H. Evans "for the development of outstanding new innovative techniques, methods, and hardware that over an extended period of time have successfully addressed the U.S. Navy's future requirements for effective Electronic Warfare capabilities." More Information

Fellow of the American Physical Society – Dr. Brian Bennett "for pioneering contributions to the epitaxial growth, characterization, and design of narrow band-gap semiconductor heterostructures." More Information

DoN Meritorious Civilian Service Award – Dr. Phillip Sprangle "for outstanding scientific leadership and innovative research in support of the Department of the Navy Office of Naval Research Directed Energy programs." More Information

Fellow of the American Physical Society – Dr. Brett Dunlap "pioneering contributions to variational fitting methods that enable reliable density-functional and ab-initio calculation on large molecules and clusters." More Information

Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineer – Dr. Frances Ligler "for engineering automated biosensors for fast, on-site detection of pathogens, toxins, pollutants, drugs of abuse, and explosives." More Information

Charles N. Reilley Award (Society of Electroanlytical Chemistry) – Dr. Debra Rolison for outstanding contributions to analytical chemistry. More Information

Hillebrand Prize (Chemical Society of Washington) – Dr. Debra Rolison for expanding the scientific frontier of nanostructured materials. More Information

IEEE Harry Diamond Award – Dr. Baruch Levush for his distinguished career at NRL and his numerous technical accomplishments in the field of vacuum electronics. More Information

American Chemical Society Rising Star Award – Dr. Megan Sassin recognized as an exceptional mid-career woman chemist across all areas of chemistry on a national level. More Information

2012 Charles Goodyear Medal – Dr. C. Michael Roland for diverse accomplishments in the field of polymers, and in particular, elastomers. More Information

Fellow of the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) – Dr. Alan Schaum for his significant scientific and technical contributions in the fields of hyperspectral image analysis, signal processing and pattern recognition. More Information

Fellow of the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) – Dr. Paul Lane "for research dealing with the optical properties of molecular and polymer semiconductors, and the development of efficient and stable organic opto-electronic devices." More Information

2012 Levinstein Award – Dr. Melvin Kruer for outstanding technical leadership and management in the field of infrared device technology. More Information

DoN Meritorious Award – Keith Lucas for comprehensive research in marine corrosion mitigation and effective cost-saving transfer to the U.S. Navy Fleet, increasing operational capabilities and useful life of both submarines and ships. More Information

Asteriod 1981 EA40 – Dr. Rhonda Stroud had a minor planet named for her "for seminal contributions to our understanding of the origin and evolution of our solar system through transmission electron microscopy studies of meteoritic and cometary materials." More Information

Arthur E. Bisson Prize for Naval Technology Achievement Award – Drs. Ishwar Aggarwal and Jas Sanghera recognized for outstanding contributions in the area of infrared fiber optics and transparent ceramics. More Information

Vice Admiral Harold G. Bowen Award for Patented Inventions – Drs. Anthony Dandridge, Alan Tveten and Dr. Aileen Sansone for their invention, the hydrophone transduction mechanism. More Information

2012 IEEE Dennis Picard Medal – Dr. Karl Gerlach "for contributions to radar signal processing, clutter modeling, and electronic protection." More Information

Office of Naval Research Fred E. Saalfeld Award – Dr. Phillip Sprangle for extraordinary lifetime achievements in the field of free electro lasers. More Information

Fellow of The Optical Society of America – Dr. E. Joseph Friebele for significant contributions to the science of radiation effects in glass and optical fibers and their underlying defect centers. More Information

DoN Distinguished Civilian Service Award – Dr. Francis Klemm for outstanding contributions made to U.S. Navy war-fighting capabilities in electronic warfare. More Information

Captain Robert Dexter Conrad Award – Mr. Keith Lucas for his research in marine corrosion control and prevention. More Information

Arthur S. Flemming Award – Dr. Lenny Tender for his service as an outstanding federal employee. More Information

2011 Editors' Citation (Geophysical Research Letters) – Dr. John McCormack for contributions in maintaining the highest standard of scientific quality in GRL publications through the peer-review process, and in doing so highlights the world-class expertise of NRL researchers. More Information

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers – Dr. Keith Knipling for contributions to the fundamental understanding of the deformation mechanisms that occur during friction stir welding, the development of new soft magnetic alloys with improved energy efficiency and the design of new high-strength high-temperature aluminum alloys, resulting in new materials and processes with improved energy efficiency. More Information

Chair- Elect of the American Physical Society Mid-Atlantic Section – Jill Dahlburg has been appointed as the inaugural Chair Elect and Chair of the Program Committee for the new American Physical Society (APS) Mid-Atlantic Section. More Information

DoN Meritorious Civilian Service Award – Dr. Gurpartap Sandhoo in recognition of his service as the Chief of Naval Research's Science and Technology Liaison to the Director, Naval Warfare Integration Group (N00X). More Information

DoN 2012 Silver Award — Ms. Judy Hope honored with the Purchase Card Program Level V Agency Program Coordinator of the Year 2012 Silver Award. More Information

Fusion Power Associates Leadership Award — Dr. Stephen P. Obenschain for his contribution to fusion development and the leadership he has been providing to the U.S. and world inertial fusion efforts. More Information

DoN Meritorious Civilian Service Award — David Lalejini for meritorious performance of service as research and development lead in transitioning a Piracy Attack Risk Surface product during the period from January 2010 through April 2011. More Information

DoN Meritorious Civilian Service Award — Dr. James Hansen for his performance of service as research and development lead in the Piracy Attack Risk Surface (PARS) project. More Information