2013 Awards

DON Meritorious Civilian Service Award — Mr. Arthur Merat "outstanding contributions in developing and implementing the plans to have the Midway Research Center provide signal generation services for various satellite program offices around the world and provide centralized management and control of their geographically dispersed sites by networking all sites remotely via the internet." More Information

Fellow of the American Meteorological Society — Dr. Melinda Peng for her almost 30 years of sustained service to the science of meteorology, and to operational numerical weather prediction in particular. More Information

Fellow of the American Meteorological Society — Dr. Craig Bishop for outstanding contributions to data assimilation, numerical weather prediction, and mesoscale dynamics.
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Fellow of the American Physical Society — Dr. Michelle Johannes "for computational work that has made a strong impact in novel superconductivity, magnetism, charge density waves, and battery electrode materials. Her calculations have contributed to understanding and explaining the underlying physics that governs the properties of widely diverse materials."
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National Academy of Engineering — Dr. John Montgomery "for leading the Navy's electronics-warfare technical authority, and for developing critical operational systems."
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VADM Samuel L. Gravely, Jr. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education and Diversity Champion of the Year Award — Mr. Paul Jaffe for sponsoring and mentoring high school students working at NRL in the Science & Engineering Apprenticeship Program. More Information

ONR Research Prize for Affordability — Mr. Arthur Webb, Mr. Paul Slebodnick, Mr. James Martin, Mr. Jan Bergh, from NRL, and Dr. Airan Perez, from Office of Naval Research, for their development of Rapid Cure Single Coat Tank Coatings. More Information

DoN Distinguished Civilian Service Award — Dr. Francis Klemm for "his outstanding contributions to and his impact upon the U.S. Navy's electronic warfare programs." More Information

Arthur E. Bisson Naval Technology Achievement Award — Dr. Brian Houston for his exceptional technical and engineering leadership in the development, demonstration, and transition of a new broadband underwater mine hunting sonar. More Information

Virginia Tech Outstanding Young Alumnus Award — Dr. Sastry Kompella for his work in developing new theoretical foundations for wireless networks and cognitive radios, with a focus on tactical networks for wartime environments, underwater acoustic communication, and dynamic spectrum access. More Information

Fellow of the American Society for Metals International — Dr. Richard Fonda for his "ground-breaking research in friction stir welding and microstructural evolution in high strength steels and weldments." More Information

DON Meritorious Civilian Service Award — Dr. Peter Gaiser for "his outstanding performance and record of achievements over the past 15 years on the NRL WindSat mission, and the leading role he has played enabling WindSat to be the great success it has been for the Naval Research Laboratory." More Information

Member of the American Philosophical Society — Dr. Judith Lean for her research on the mechanisms, measurements, modeling, and forecasting of variations in the Sun's radiative output at all wavelengths, and responses to this variability of the Earth's global climate, middle atmosphere, and space climate and weather. More Information

Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers — Dr. John Michopoulos for his outstanding leadership and multidisciplinary engineering achievements in the areas of mechatronic and robotic design, computational algorithms, scientific software, and scientific hardware research and development. More Information

E.F. Gross Medal — Dr. Alexander Efros for his work on the tunable emission spectra of nanocrystals that launched a revolution in the development of affordable, high efficient devices for use as sensors, imaging, and displays and his contributions to the theory of nanocrystal quantum dots to include the establishment of the basic model used for describing their electronic and optical properties. More Information

Department of the Navy Acquisition Excellence Technology Award — NRL research team from the Marine Meteorology Division and the Space Science Division for their work on a new generation atmospheric global prediction system. More Information

NAR Howard Galloway Spacemodeling Service Award — Ivan Galysh for his contributions over the last decade focused on education and motivating students in the technical disciplines of aerospace engineering. More Information

Fellow of the American Physical Society — Dr. Andrew Schmitt for his major contributions to the theory and simulation of laser plasma interaction. Schmitt is further recognized for his pioneering work on the effects of laser beam smoothing and for advancing high-resolution simulations of laser high-gain direct-drive implosions. More Information

James Clerk Maxwell Prize — Dr. Phillip Sprangle for "pioneering contributions to the physics of high intensity laser interaction with plasmas and to the development of plasma accelerators, free electron lasers, gyrotrons, and high current electron accelerators." More Information

Peter Mark Memorial Award — Dr. Daniel Gunlycke "for [his] significant contributions to the understanding of the electronic properties of low-dimensional graphene nanostructures." More Information

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