Roosevelts Gold Medal for Science Awarded to NRL

The Naval Research Laboratory received the 2005 Roosevelts Gold Medal for Science from the New York Council of the Navy League of the United States in a ceremony held on March 22, 2006 in New York City. The Roosevelts Gold Medal was conceived and created by the New York Council of the Navy League in 1986, and is presented annually "to an individual, institution or corporation for extraordinary scientific contributions to the security of America."

roosevelts medal, front and back

NRL, cited by the New York Council of the Navy League as the "government's premier defense research laboratory," was recognized for its accomplishments as follows: "From early developments in radar and satellite time-based navigational systems, to miniature hand-launched surveillance planes ... the Naval Research Lab has been on the cutting edge in scientific research and in advanced technological development during world wars, the cold war and the current war on terrorism."

The League noted that "NRL is responsible for a number of innovations that have revolutionized the capabilities of the United States Navy, and of the nation as a whole. ... NRL has made a profound difference, in times of war and in times of peace, through the creative work of scientists and engineers who serve the nation's interest. The record shows that NRL has helped make the U.S. Fleet the most formidable naval fighting force in the world."

NRL also received a congratulatory letter from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, thanking NRL for having "contributed significantly to our city and nation's security and prosperity."

To download an NRL publication containing a representative selection of achievements for which NRL was awarded the Roosevelts Medal, click here.