AVHRR image of the Korean region

AVHRR image of the Korean region. The red colors represent high (c660), more turbid waters.

In 1997, the MCM Coastal Optical Program transitioned the capability for the Naval Oceanographic Office to use the Advanced High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) to determine the coastal optical properties (c660), the beam attenuation coefficient at 660 nm. The new product can be determined from channel 1 and 2 of the AVHRR satellite sensor. An example of the (c660) product is shown for the Korean region, where an image time series is being developed for transition next year. The red colors represent high- (c660) (more turbid) waters. Coastal optics are important for determining when MCM laser imaging systems can be used operationally. The algorithm and the software was transitioned to the War Fighting Support Center, Naval Oceanographic Office where products are generated. These are the initial steps in providing satellite optical properties for Navy operations.