ACDS surface unit being deployed from the research vessel Endeavor
ACDS surface unit being deployed from the research vessel Endeavor

The Acoustics Division conducts basic and applied research addressing the physics of acoustic signal generation, propagation, scatter, and detection with the objective of improving the strategic and tactical capabilities of the Navy and Marine Corps in the ocean and land operation environment. The Division's scientists and engineers perform collaborative research with scientists affiliated with national and international academic, private, and governmental research organizations. The Division's research spans classical and quantum physics, signal processing, the impact of fluid dynamics on the oceans' sound speed field, the propagation and scatter of acoustic signals in the ocean and land environments, structural and physical acoustics including the development of MEMS and nanotechnology-based sensors, and the application of networked unmanned underwater vehicles and associated sensors to the Navy's ASW, MCM, and ISR missions.

Acoustics Division comprises the following research branches:

  • 7105 – Naval Science (Acoustics) Research Coordinator
  • 7106 – Senior Scientist for Structural Acoustics
  • 7130 – Physical Acoustics Branch
  • 7160 – Acoustic Signal Processing and Systems Branch
  • 7180 – Acoustic Simulation, Measurements, and Tactics Branch