Laboratory Measurements

Experimental chamber of SOMALab under construction in FY07
Experimental chamber of SOMALab under construction in FY07
  • One-million-gallon, vibration-isolated underwater acoustic holographic/3D laser vibrometer facility for studying structural acoustic phenomena
  • Large, sandy-bottom, acoustic holographic pool facility for investigating echo characteristics of underwater buried/near-bottom targets and sediment acoustics
  • In-air structural acoustics facility with high spatial density near-field acoustic holography and 3D laser vibrometry for diagnosing large structures, including aircraft interiors and rocket payload fairings
  • Salt water acoustic tank (20 ft by 20 ft by 10 ft deep) with environmental control and substantial optical access for studying the acoustics of bubbly media, acoustic metamaterials, and laser induced sound
  • Micro-Nanostructure Dynamics Laboratory to study the structural dynamics and performance of high Q oscillators and other micromechanical systems using laser Doppler vibrometers, super resolution nearfield scanning optical microscope, and low temperature calorimeter
  • Model Fabrication Laboratory to fabricate rough topographical surfaces in various materials for acoustic scattering and propagation studies and measurements.
  • Sonomagnetic Laboratory with doubly insulated Faraday cage for conducting experiments to measure weak electromagnetic fields generated by mechanical/acoustic vibrations of a conducting medium in an arbitrary magnetic field

Seagoing Assets

  • Acoustic arrays (towed/moored/suspended) 64-channel broadband source–receiver array with time-reversal mirror functionality over a frequency band of 500 to 3500 Hz
  • High-powered sound sources and source arrays Autonomous acoustic sources Acoustic communications array and data acquisition buoy
  • Portable, ocean-deployable synthetic aperture acoustic measurement system (100-meter rail with precise positioning)
  • Containerized, seagoing multichannel data acquisition system
  • High-speed, maneuverable towed body with MK-50 and synthetic aperture sonars to measure high frequency scattering and coherence