Nitroenergeic compounds are present in the soil, ground water, and surface water at many U.S. Department of Defense testing and training facilities as a result of the activities, both current and former, at those sites. There is concern regarding the ecological impact and the threat posed to personnel as a result of their persistence and distribution. Methods for monitoring levels of these compounds are needed to provide relevant data on the expansion of contaminated areas and the resulting threat to surrounding populations and wildlife. Monitoring the presence of such contaminants in the environment is challenging due to the rapid diffusion of targets into the surrounding matrix and the trace concentrations involved. Pre-concentration of targets is often necessary to provide levels that are within the detection limits of currently available technologies. Pre-concentration involves processing a large volume of sample in order to provide a high concentration in a smaller volume. Periodic mesoporous organosilicates (PMOs) have been developed for this application. Current efforts seek to develop associated methods and hardware for the pre-concentration of trace level explosives and propellants using these novel materials as well as additional sorbents directed at an expanded list of targets.