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Mass: 24 kg (with propellant)
Power: 360 W @ 1 AU
Size: 1.14 m diameter by 1.88 m length
Characteristics: Three-axis stabilized
Gimbaled (Single Axis) GaAs solar arrays
Fixed 1.1 m high-gain antenna
Fixed Sensors
Combined active and passive thermal design
Telemetry: S-Band RF link to NASA Deep Space Network and DoD tracking stations
Data Rate: Downlink selectable between 0.125 and 128 kb/s
On-Board Storage: 1.9 Gbit solid state recorder
Propulsion: 4865 m/s
Bi-propellant: 489 N thruster
Mono-propellant: 5.3 N thrusters (10); 22.7 N thrusters (7)
STAR 37FM Kick Motor DSPSE Mission Center: NRL facility located in Alexandria, VA
Lunar & Asteroid Nav.: Goddard Space Flight Center
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Instrument Mass Power
Star Tracker Camera (2) .3 kg 4.5 W
UV/Visible Camera .5 kg 5.0 W
Near IR Camera 1.9 kg 17.4 W
Long Wave IR Camera 1.8 kg 17.4 W
High Resolution Camera 1.3 kg 13.0 W
Laser Transmitter .6 kg 5.0 W
Charged Particle Telescope 2kg 1.0 W
Dosimeters (4) .1 kg .1 W
Radiation Experiment .7kg 2.4 W
Orbital Meteoroid and Debris .6 kg 2.0 W
Counting Experiment
Totals 8.0 kg 67.8 W