Principal Investigators: Dr. Thomas Reinecke, Dr. Sophia E. Economou

Theoretical studies of the unique electronic and optical properties of nanostructures are being done, often in conjunction with experiment in the Branch. A range of techniques are used including many-body approaches for optical properties, ab initio electronic calculations for electronic properties and geometries, finite element techniques for complex geometries, and dynamical matrices for vibrational properties. Recent work has addressed the optical properties of single and coupled quantum dots for implementations for quantum information, quantum gates for quantum information, quantum dots in semiconductor microcavities for advanced quantum electronics, adsorption of a range of adsorbates on carbon nanotubes and it effects on conductance and capacitance for sensors.

Selected Publications

2013 Solenov, D., S. Economou, and T. Reinecke, "Fast two-qubit gates for quantum computing in semiconductor quantum dots using a photonic microcavity", Physical Review B, vol. 87, issue 3, 01/2013. PDF icon 12-1231-2386.pdf (703.28 KB)
2013 Junkermeier, C., D. Solenov, and T. Reinecke, "Adsorption of NH2 on Graphene in the Presence of Defects and Adsorbates ", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 117, issue 6, pp. 2793-2798, 2013. PDF icon 12-1231-0214.pdf (1.69 MB)
2013 Lindsay, L., D. A. Broido, and T. Reinecke, "Ab initio thermal transport in compound semiconductors ", Physical Review B, vol. 87, issue 16, 07/2013. PDF icon 12-1231-4088.pdf (2.36 MB)
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