Quantum mechanics offers the opportunity for completely new ways of encoding and processing information in future quantum devices of unprecedented power. Development of quantum computers is a highly ambitious technological pursuit that can provide dramatic payoff with speedups in tasks of interest to the DOD, including the ability to break codes that are fundamentally unbreakable with ordinary computers. Quantum information also offers impressive improvements in secure communication and sensing. Our team is working to establish the scientific basis for practical solid state quantum information technologies using the spin states of semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) and defects in solids. These systems have the advantage of a robust solid state host, the ability to produce many qubits on chip, coupling to photons, and the ability to incorporate qubits into sophisticated electronic, photonic, and mechanical devices. Over the past two decades we have made key advances in materials and devices, optical techniques for control and measurement, and in the underlying physics.

Our team consists of a multidisciplinary group of experts in materials growth, fabrication, spectroscopy and theory: Dan Gammon, Allan Bracker, Sam Carter, and Tom Reinecke. We have in-house access to all of the laboratory and computing resources required for this effort, including the molecular beam epitaxy growth facility; SiC epitaxy; characterization tools (STM, AFM, x-ray diffraction); the Nanoscience Institute cleanroom; and several optical spectroscopy labs with multiple cryostats, pulsed and cw laser systems, spectrometers, and detectors. Since 2005, this team has published over 35 papers in the journals Science, Nature, and Physical Review Letters with over 1600 total citations.

Key contributions and ongoing efforts of this team include:

1. Quantum Dot Growth and Device Fabrication
  • Engineering of orbital and spin energy levels of QDs
  • Engineering of multi-qubit structures with stacked QDs
  • Deterministic control of QD position with nanometer precision
  • Incorporation of dots into electrical and photonic devices
2. Quantum Control and Entanglement
  • Design and implementation of quantum logic gates of spins using laser pulses
  • Identification, modeling, and mitigation of loss and decoherence due to interaction with QD nuclear spins
  • First demonstration of ultrafast entanglement control of two spin qubits in QDs
3. Quantum Nanophotonics
  • Integration of QD qubits into photonic crystal circuits
  • Conversion of quantum information between solid state and photonic qubits
  • Design of entangled multiphoton “cluster” states from QDs
  • First demonstration of quantum gates on a spin qubit coupled to a nanocavity.
  • Single and entangled photon emission from photonic structures
4. Hybrid Quantum Dot/Mechanical Systems
  • Integration of QD qubits in mechanical resonators for sensing motion/acceleration
  • Maximizing coupling between entangled spins in QDs and motion through strain
  • Cooling mechanical motion through QDs
5. Defect Spins in SiC and Diamond
  • Measuring and maximizing spin coherence using microwave and optical pulses
  • Fabrication of photonic and mechanical structures with integrated defects
  • Materials development in epitaxial films of SiC

Selected Publications

2019 Banks, H. B., Ö. O. Soykal, R. Myers-Ward, D. K. Gaskill, T. L. Reinecke, and S. G. Carter, "Resonant optical spin initialization and readout of single silicon vacancies in 4H-SiC", Physical Review Applied, vol. vol 11, issue 024013 , 2019.
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