The High Power Electronics Branch serves as the principal NRL resource for the science and technology of solid state high-power electronic devices. The primary mission of the Branch is to conduct research and development programs in solid state electronics and related technologies that support Navy and DOD interests and capabilities in the full range of new weapons capabilities enabled by high-power solid state electronic devices. Moreover, the Branch serves as the focal point of insertion of power electronics technology into Navy engineering development efforts. Topics of interest include:

  • The fabrication, characterization, reliability physics, surface science, and theory of high-temperature wide-bandgap SiC and GaN power switching devices
  • The fabrication, characterization, reliability physics, and theory of wafer bonded high-voltage power switching devices
  • The study of high-performance, reliable packaging of power devices
  • The study of bulk growth and growth by epitaxy of wide bandgap semiconductor materials
  • The development of heterojunc-tion-active wide band-gap power devices
  • The application of novel epitaxial techniques developed for wide bandgap semiconductor materials to monolithic integration with other device technologies