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Bennett B, John BBoos.  2013.  Antimonide-Based Compound Semiconductors for Low-Power Electronics. PDF icon BRB2013IPRMv12.pdf (519.67 KB)
Yuan Z, Kumar A, Chen C-Y, Nainani A, Bennett B, John BBoos, Saraswat KC.  2013.  Antimonide-based Heterostructure p-channel MOSFETs with Ni-alloy Source/Drain. IEEE Electron Device Letters. 34(11)PDF icon 13-1231-2272.pdf (769.56 KB)
Ruppalt LB, Cleveland E, Champlain J, Prokes S, John BBoos, Park D, Bennett B.  2013.  Atomic layer Deposition of Al2O3 on GaSb Using an In Situ Hydrogen Plasma Pretreatment. 73rd AVS Physical Electronics Conference.
Cleveland E, Ruppalt LB, Bennett B, Prokes S.  2013.  Effect of an in situ hydrogen plasma pre-treatment on the reduction of GaSb native oxides prior to atomic layer deposition. Applied Surface Science. 277:167-175.PDF icon 13-1231-0493.pdf (4.11 MB)
Ali A, Madan H, Barth MJ, John BBoos, Bennett B, Datta S.  2013.  Effects of Interface States on the Performance of Antimonide NMOSFETs. IEEE Electron Device Letters. 34:360-362.PDF icon 12-1231-3983.pdf (751.99 KB)
Bennett B, Chick TF, Ancona M, John BBoos.  2013.  Enhanced hole mobility and density in GaSb quantum wells. Solid State Electronics. 79:274-280.PDF icon 12-1231-2595.pdf (1.41 MB)
Bennett B.  2013.  Enhanced open-circuit voltage of PbS nanocrystal quantum dot solar cells. Solid State Electronics. 79
Guo L, Xia L, John BBoos, Bennett B, Ancona M, del Alamo JA.  2013.  Epitaxial Growth of Cubic and Hexagonal InN Thin Films via Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Epitaxy. Microsystems Annual Research Conference (MARC).
Nainani A, Sun Y, Irisawa T, Yuan Z, Kobayashi M, Pianetta P, Bennett B, John BBoos, Saraswat KC.  2011.  Device quality Sb-based compound semiconductor surface: A comparative study of chemical cleaning. Journal of Applied Physics. 109(11)PDF icon 11-1226-0720.pdf (488.47 KB)
Ali A, Madan H, Agrawal A, Ramirez I, Misra R, John BBoos, Bennett B, Lindemuth J, Datta S.  2011.  Enhancement Mode Antimonide Quantum Well MOSFETs With High Electron Mobility and GHz Small-Signal Switching Performance. IEEE Electron Device Letters. 32:11689-11691.PDF icon 11-1226-3596.pdf (510.44 KB)
Ali A, Madan H, Misra R, Agrawal A, Schiffer P, John BBoos, Bennett B, Datta S.  2011.  Experimental Determination of Quantum and Centroid Capacitance in Arsenide-Antimonide Quantum-Well MOSFETs Incorporating Non-Parabolicity Effect. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. 58:1397-1403.PDF icon 11-1226-4621.pdf (1.07 MB)
Xia L, John BBoos, Bennett B, Ancona M, del Alamo JA.  2011.  Hole Mobility Enhancement through <110> Uniaxial Strain in In0.41Ga0.59Sb Quantum-Well Field Effect Transistors. Applied Physics Letters. 98(5)PDF icon 11-1226-0119.pdf (178.63 KB)
Nainani A, Yuan Z, Krishnamohan T, Bennett B, John BBoos, Reason M, Ancona M, Nishi Y, Saraswat KC.  2011.  InxGa1-xSb channel pMOSFETS: Effect of strain on heterostructure design. Journal of Applied Physics. 110(1)PDF icon 11-1226-1829.pdf (804.41 KB)
Nainani A, Irisawa T, Yuan Z, Bennett B, John BBoos, Nishi Y, Saraswat KC.  2011.  Optimization of the Al2O3/GaSb Interface and a High-Mobility GaSb. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. 58(10)PDF icon 11-1226-1830.pdf (1.35 MB)
Nainani A, Irisawa T, Bennett B, John BBoos, Ancona M, Saraswat KC.  2011.  Shubinov-de Haas oscillations in compressively-strained (In)GaSb quantum wells. Solid State Electronics. 62:138-141.PDF icon 10-1226-1248.pdf (331.91 KB)