Stennis - A tenant activity at NASA's Stennis Space Center, NRL-SSC is the major center for in-house Navy research and development in oceanography, marine geology, geophysics, geoacoustics, and geotechnology. It is also the Navy's lead activity for mapping, charting, and geodesy research and development.

Monterey - A tenant activity of the Naval Postgraduate School, NRL-MRY is collocated with the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center and is the only scientific center in the Navy wholly dedicated to atmospheric research.

VXS-1 - NRLFSD operates and maintains six uniquely modified P-3 Orion turboprop aircraft used as airborne research platforms for the Navy, the US Government and its contract agencies.

Chesapeake Bay Det. - CBD occupies a 168-acre site and provides facilities and support services for research in radar, electronic warfare, optical devices, materials, communications, and fire research. CBD also hosts facilities of the Navy Technology Center for Safety and Survivability, which conducts fire research on simulated carrier, surface, and submarine platforms.