TitleCharacter-Oriented Narrative Goal Reasoning in Autonomous Actors
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2015
AuthorsSamsonovich, AV, Aha, DW
Conference Name2015 Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems
Date PublishedMay 2015
Conference LocationAtlanta, Georgia

The cognitive autonomy capability understood in a certain sense is vital for actors working as teams in unpredictable environments with limited communications. Such actors need to be able to reason about their goals and decide which to pursue. Therefore, methods of autonomous goal reasoning (GR) would be useful in such cases. However, most previously studied models of GR are limited in their abilities to reason in situations involving multiple characters, viewing the latter from a third-person perspective. In this context, the connection between GR and narrative reasoning is beginning to be explored. Recently, a theoretical framework for narrative team planning (NTP) has been developed and used to generate character goals (not team goals). This approach, however, relies on a global team planning, which may not be suitable for a team operating with limited communications and without a central command. Accepting NTP as a baseline, here we argue that an appropriate introduction of characters and narratives into a GR framework can (in some environments) be beneficial, both conceptually and in terms of performance measures. We study this claim analytically using a Character Reasoner model that we formulate, and apply it to several example scenarios. This model separates characters from actors and employs a hierarchical network for narrative and goal selection. Expected benefits for teams of autonomous actors include more efficient and more robust goal reasoning abilities.

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