TitleBenchmarking GNU Radio Kernels and Multi-Processor Scheduling
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsWest, N., D. Geiger, and G. Scheets
Conference NameNew England Workshop for Software Defined Radio (NEWSDR'13)
Conference LocationWorcester, Massachusetts

The growth of Software Dened Radio (SDR) using general purpose
processors (GPPs) brings a new engineering decision of processor
selection to radio design. Processor selection is an important
engineering decision that affects size, weight, power, and data
throughput of a SDR. We approach the problem by benchmarking a variety
of general-purpose processors using the GNU Radio framework. We present
a methodology of benchmarking for SDR, an integrated set of tools for
benchmarking, and results from select processors. Specific results
compare processors against each other as well as comparing performance
with SIMD optimized code and non-SIMD code.

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