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Livingston, M. A., J. E. Swan II, J. L. Gabbard, T. H. Hollerer, D. Hix, S. J. Julier, Y. Baillot, and D. G. Brown, "Resolving Multiple Occluded Layers in Augmented Reality", International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR '03), Tokyo, Japan, 10/2003.  (142.56 KB)
Gabbard, J. L., D. Hix, J. E. Swan II, M. A. Livingston, T. H. Hollerer, and S. J. Julier, "Usability Engineering for Complex Interactive Systems Development", Engineering for Usability, Human Systems Integration Symposium 2003, Vienna, Virginia, 06/2003.  (318.26 KB)
Julier, S. J., M. Lanzagorta, Y. Baillot, L. J. Rosenblum, S. K. Feiner, T. H. Hollerer, and S. Sestito, "Information Filtering for Mobile Augmented Reality", IEEE International Symposium on Augmented Reality 2000, Munich, Germany, pp. 3-11, 10/2000.  (132.32 KB)