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Mittu, R., and R. Ross, "Building upon the Coalition Agents Experiment (CoAX): Integration of Multimedia Information in GCCS-M using IMPACT", International Workshop on Multimedia Information Systems (MIS), Ischia, Italy, 2003.  (1.1 MB)
Sciortino, J., V. Kowtha, R. Mittu, and F. Segaria, "Multi-agent System for Mission and Situation Awareness Management (MASAM) for Airborne Platforms", 48th Joint Electronic Warfare Conference (JEWC), National Defense University, Washington, D.C., 2003.  (573.82 KB)
Mittu, R., F. Segaria, S. Guleyupoglu, S. K. Barber, T. Graser, and R. Ross, "Supporting the Coalition Agents Exepriment (CoAX) through the Technology Integration Experiment (TIE) Process", Proceedings of the 8th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium (ICCRTS), National Defense University, Washington, D.C., 2003.  (2.99 MB)
Mittu, R., and J. McCune, "An Intuitive User Interface for the Virtual Reality Responsive Worksbench", Third Annual Symposium and Exhibition on Situational Awareness in the Tactical Air Environment, Piney Point, Maryland, pp. 17-23, 1998.  (9.56 MB)
Mittu, R., J. Uhlmann, and J. McCune, "Routing and Advanced Display Technologies within STOMPM", SPIE: Robotic and Semi-Robot ic Ground Vehicle Technology, Orlando, Florida, 1998.  (3.66 MB)
Mittu, R., and J. Uhlmann, "Strike Visualization in Stereo on the Virtual Workbench", Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems, Cleveland, Ohio, pp. 41-50, 1996.  (8.87 MB)