The Satellite and Wireless Networking Section (Code 5554), in the Transmission Technology Branch of the Information Technology Division, conducts research and development in the fields of satellite and wireless communications, satellite and wireless networking, improved voice systems and voice and data fusion, and HF ionospheric research for the Naval Systems Commands and Chief of Naval Operations (CNO).

Code 5554 provides the Navy's in-house expertise in the development and integration of advanced satellite-based and wireless networking techniques, fusing its expertise in commercial satellites, satellite communications systems, wireless and tactical communications, high speed networking and advanced protocols. Recent efforts include:

  • Surrogate TACSAT - An R&D effort for extending LOS communications for tactical ground stations via payloads aloft in free-floating balloons. Includes system design, wireless hardware and LAN testing as well as support of tactical (military) LOS and SATCOM communications links. Recently demonstrated and a candidate for testing with the US Fleet.
  • UAV based Direct Connection Demonstration - Evaluation of networked state-of the art IP-based radios for linking forces afloat and ashore in a network centric manner. Requires system integration, link analysis, testing and training of candidate commercial systems.
  • UAV communications link development - developing high speed relays for optical information from UAVs to land, providing asymmetric connectivity using equipment with reduced size, weight and power (SWAP).

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