NRL's Community Outreach Program was officially established in 1985 by a Presidential directive to government activities to support local schools. Parts of the NRL program, which existed at NRL for a number of years, formally merged under one program in 1990.

Through the Community Outreach Program, NRL volunteers promote K-12 math and science education. Volunteers tutor, encourage and mentor young people in reading, writing, math, science and citizenship through the Navy's Personal Excellence Partnership program. NRL scientists participate in school science fairs and support other science education and school enrichment programs.

Other community service projects include NRL's Annual Holiday Party for Neighborhood Children to support children in need from the local community.

Education and Enrichment - NRL conducts additional educational outreach efforts, including science fair judging, an annual book drive for local school libraries, and involvement with outside organizations that promote educational opportunities.

Community Service Makes Good Neighbors - An inside look at NRL's Annual Holiday Party for Neighborhood Children, a long-standing tradition at the Laboratory.

Collage of outreach photos