1996 News Releases

More information and visuals that are not available electronically may be obtained by contacting the NRL Public Affairs Office. New items are added as they are released.

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Scientific & Technical Interest
1/7 NRL and Russian Scientists Discover Methane Hydrates in Norwegian-Greenland Sea
1/15 HST Observations Reveal Coolest and Oldest White Dwarf Stars in the Galaxy
1/29 Field Tests of Explosives Detector Successful
2/29 NRL TRIS Experiment to Fly Aboard STS-76
3/10 NRL Scientists Develop Enhanced 3-D Technique for Materials Analysis
3/20 NRL Developing Single Molecular Detector
3/24 Prototype Sensor Detects Low Levels Of Explosives Quickly -- and at Low Cost
3/28 Safe Aircraft Fuel Wing Deicing Fluids Proposed to Replace Toxic Glycols
4/12 Wide Bandgap Electronics Technology
4/19 NRL Explores Plasma Mirror's Potential for High-Frequency Radar Director
4/19 New Generation Radar Focuses on Plasma to Create Agile Mirror
4/19 Plasma Mirror's Agility Reflects NRL Innovation
4/30 NRL OSSE Instrument Observes Unique New X-Ray Source
5/2 NRL LASCO Instrument Observes Comet Approaching the Sun
5/13 NRL-led Cruise Discovers Mud-Volcano (Methane Seep) in Greenland-Norwegian Sea
5/16 SOHO Images Comet Hyakutake's Close Encounter with the Sun
5/20 NRL and Univ. of Western Australia Sign Agreement with Lake Shore Cryotronics
5/20 Space Scientists Detect Disturbances on Sun
6/12 Comet Hyakutake Close to the Sun -- Observations with LASCO Coronograph
6/17 Powerful SLR Facility Established to Determine Precise Position of Satellites
6/20 Small Tether Satellite Deployed by NRL
10/18 Cleaner Water for Potable Pipes
10/29 NRL Develops Novel Portable X-ray Unit
12/23 NRL Signs CRADA with Digital System Resources

Featured Stories
1/4 NRL Hosts 29th Annual Holiday Party for Neighborhood Children
2/15 First Annual Homer W. Carhart Award Presented
2/26 NRL Hosts Art and Essay Awards Ceremony
4/1 NRL Sponsors Three Maryland Public Schools
4/22 Cosmos Club Honors Dr. Herbert Friedman
4/30 NRL Wins Nathaniel Stinson Equal Employment Opportunity Award
5/8 Ms. Judy Watkins-Hope Wins Equal Employment Opportunity Award
5/20 NRL Scientist Receives Vice President's Prestigious Hammer Award
6/19 Sigma Xi's Applied Science Award goes to Joseph Friebele
7/8 Dr. White Wins Sigma Xi's Pure Science Award
7/23 Ballou Students Win Personal Excellence Awards
7/26 Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Dr. Friedman
8/2 Dr. Stuart Wolf Receives E. O. Hulburt Award
8/10 Nrl/ONR Earn Navy Unit Commendation from Secretary Dalton
8/27 Opportunities Abound in the NRL Mentor Program