Ballou Students Win Personal Excellence Awards

7/23/1996 - 80-96r
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Two students from Frank W. Ballou Senior High School and two students from the school's Math-Science Academy, Washington DC, have received the 1996 Annual Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)-Frank W. Ballou Senior High School Award for Personal Excellence.

This year's winners are Rasheeda Allen, math category and Erika Gregory, science category, Ballou Senior High School; and Haniyyah Ludd, math category and Lena Gamble, science category, Ballou Math-Science Academy.

The Personal Excellence Award was established at Ballou Senior High School through NRL's Community Outreach Program, to recognize sustained achievement in math and science, citizenship and interpersonal skills. Ballou is one of NRL's partner schools in Washington DC.

Ms. Allen, who is a freshman, was recognized for her "display of ambition, maturity and perseverance." Out of a class of 16 geometry students, she was the only one to earn an "A" for the course. Her school activities include: memberships of both the marching and concert bands and the varsity softball team. Her achievements include: recipient of the school's Outstanding Student Award and the National Science Award of Merit. She is on the school's honor roll for her scholastic achievements.

Ms. Gregory, who is a senior, was recognized for her scholastic accomplishments during the school year. Her first-rate entries in local science fairs spanned from chemistry to engineering and robotics. She is a member of the National Honor Society, and, as her science teacher, Mr. C. Grimm says, "She is a great student."

Ms. Ludd, who is a senior in the Ballou Math-Science Academy, was recognized for her high achievements in mathematics, which led to her winning five certificates of achievement from the Math, Engineering, Science Association (MESA). She was the academy's Student of the Month, last January. Ms. Ludd was the recipient of the prestigious Virginia Commonwealth Award, which included an $8,000 scholarship from Randolph-Macon Womens's College. She is also the recipient of the Iota Phi Lambda Sorority Scholarship, for academic and personal excellence.

Ms. Gamble, who is a junior at the Ballou Math-Science Academy, was recognized for her scholastic achievements especially by increasing her total SAT score from 1200 to 1280, during the past eight months. She cares about the achievements
of her classmates. She assists other students in preparing for their PSAT/SAT exams, while at the same time, attends after school preparatory SAT programs herself on a daily basis. Ms. Gamble was selected to participate in the Metropolitan Role Models Leaders Program, which is sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Education. A gifted orator, she is a finalist in the Washington Gas Light Oratorical Contest. According to Dr. Mary Johnson, Director, at the Math Science Academy, "Lena is an outstanding student who is presently selecting her project as a part of a mentorship at the Howard University Cancer Research Center, under the direction of Dr. L. Campbell.

CAPT Raymond E. Leonard, USN, NRL's Chief Staff Officer, presented each student with a certificate of achievement. In addition to the certificate, each winner received a scientific calculator courtesy of NRL's outreach program partner, Lambda Beta Sigma Sorority, Inc. The sorority comprises Ballou High School alumni, who support student enhancement and other programs in the local community.

The ceremony concluded with a student tour of several NRL research areas.

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