Dr. White Wins Sigma Xi's Pure Science Award

7/8/1996 - 56-96r
Contact: Public Affairs Office, (202) 767-2541

Dr. Carter White, of the Naval Research Laboratory's (NRL's) Chemistry Division, has won the 1996 Edison Chapter of Sigma Xi Award in Pure Science for "his original and broad contributions to materials chemistry problems including detonations, carbon nanotubes, semiconductor defects, fullerenes, and nanotribology."

This award is given for outstanding research in the past ten years. The research must be recognized by the scientific community at large and have a potential impact on the U.S. Navy. Dr. White's recent research centers around the electronic and structure properties of polymers and clusters and atomistic simulations of condensed-phase chemistry.

Dr. White, a native Virginian, received his B.S. degree in physics from Virginia Tech, in 1971, and his Ph.D. in 1976 from the University of Virginia.

Dr. White came to NRL in 1976 as a National Research Council postdoctoral associate with NRL's Electronics Technology Division. Since 1982 he has been head of NRL's Theoretical Chemistry Section. In 1985, he spent a year as program director for condensed matter theory at the National Science Foundation.

Dr. White has published over 100 refereed papers, including invited reviews on chemically-sustained shock waves, carbon nanotubes, localized defects in semiconductors, and fullerenes. His published work has been cited over 1600 times in the refereed literature resulting in over 30 invited talks at international conferences, professional society meetings, and workshops.

Dr. White has received five Alan Berman research publication awards. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, the Materials Research Society and the Applied Physics Society. He has served on many National Science Foundation and Office of Naval Research panels. He is currently vice-chair of the Applied Physics Society Compression Science Award Committee.

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