NRL Wins Nathaniel Stinson Equal Employment Opportunity Award

4/30/1996 - 41-96r
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The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is the recipient of the prestigious 1995 Nathaniel Stinson Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Award in the Special Recognition category. NRL was cited for its recruitment of women and minorities.

CAPT Bruce W. Buckley, NRL Commanding Officer, and Ms. Deborah Erwin, NRL Deputy Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, accepted the award at a Pentagon ceremony April 3.

According to the citation, "NRL is recognized for special recognition of support and leadership of the SECNAV 'One Navy' Recruiting Program. During fiscal year 1995, NRL developed recruitment plans to host a joint recruitment effort at the Rio Grande High Technology Minority and Women Career Fair, which will be held in Albuquerque, N.M, during 1996 and 1997. NRL made contact with several universities in the southwest region of the United States through Project Uplift, to sponsor the Navy's first High Tech Recruitment event. NRL, in its leadership role for the 'One Navy' Recruiting Program, coordinated participation of other Navy activities; financed the advertisement of vacancies; and presented workshops at the Career Fairs. NRL recruitment initiatives resulted in a total of 320 employees hired during fiscal 1995 (49 percent were minorities and female); employed 283 employees with disabilities (56 were targeted disabled); 36 of the total hired in their Cooperative Education Program were minorities and females; 68 percent of the total hired under the 1040 hours authority were minorities and females; 51 percent of the total participation in their Science and Engineering Apprentice Program were minorities and females; and of those hired in the NRL's Summer Employment Program, 49 percent were minorities and females. As a result of its Summer Employment Program success, the Laboratory was asked to provide program coordination for the 1996 Federal Recruitment Program for Persons with Disabilities."

The Stinson award is named for Nathaniel Stinson, who served 20 years as a Navy civilian engineer and became the first principal EEO Officer for the former Naval Material Command. The Naval Material Command's civilian population, represented 75 percent of the total civilian work force at the Department of the Navy (DON) at the time. Mr. Stinson distinguished himself in both the engineering and the EEO career fields. He received the Superior Civilian Service Award in 1974, and in 1980, he was awarded the Navy Distinguished Civilian Service Award, posthumously. The Nathaniel Stinson EEO Award, the highest EEO award within the DON, was originally established in 1989 by the Chief of Naval Operations to honor dedication, commitment, and achievements towards advancing EEO. The award recognizes exemplary achievements of commands and activities to further the Navy's EEO objectives and initiatives.

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