NRL Diamond Anniversary Awards Recognize Laboratory's Top 75 Achievements

6/15/1998 - innov1
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During the Laboratory's 75th Anniversary celebration, the following NRL achievements were recognized as 75 of NRL's most distinguished accomplishments. A special ceremony was held at the National Museum of American History on Friday, June 19, 1998, to present the awards. These accomplishments are essentially in chronological order, with no special emphasis

Award for Innovation   Individuals Recognized
Gamma-Ray Radiography   R.F. Mehl
First Operational Fathometer   H.C. Hayes
Development of High Frequency Radio Equipment   A. H. Taylor, L. C. Young, L. A. Gebhard
Radio Propagation and the "Skip Distance" Effect   E. O. Hulburt, A. H. Taylor
Invention of U.S. Radar   R. M. Page, A. H. Taylor , L. C. Young
First Operational U.S. Sonar   H. C. Hayes
Liquid Thermal Diffusion Process   P. Abelson
Aircraft Radio Homing System   A.H. Taylor, R.B. Meyer, M.H. Schrenk
Proposal of a Nuclear Submarine   R. Gunn
Plan-Position Indicator   R. M. Page
Identification Friend or Foe Systems   R. M. Page, C. Cleeton
Monopulse Radar   R. M. Page 
First American Airborne Radar   A. H. Taylor, R. M. Page, R.C. Guthrie
First Far UV Spectrum of the Sun   R. Tousey
First X-Ray Spectrum of the Sun   H. Friedman
Principles of Fracture Mechanics   G. R. Irwin
Molecular Structure Analysis and the Nobel Prize   J. Karle, H. Hauptman, I. Karle
The Viking Program   M. W. Rosen
Synthetic Lubricants   W. A. Zisman, C. M. Murphy
Radar Absorbing Materials and Anechoic Chambers   R.W. Wright, G.T. Rado, W.H. Emerson, B. Faraday, D.W. Forester
Over-the-Horizon Radar   R. M. Page, F. M. Gager, J. M. Headrick
High Resolution Radar   I.W. Fuller, G. Ohman, N.L. Davis, C.C. Watterson, G.F. Myers
Vanguard Program - The Rocket   J. P. Hagen, M.W. Rosen
Vanguard Program - Minitrack and Space Surveillance   M.W. Rosen, J. T. Mengel, R.L. Easton
Vanguard Program - The Satellites and the Science   H. E. Newell, R. Easton, M. Votaw
First Operational Satellite Communication System   J. H. Trexler
X-Ray Astronomy   H. Friedman, T.A. Chubb, E.T. Byram, K.S. Wood
High-Frequency Direction-Finding   R.D. Misner, M.J. Sheets, B. Wald
SOLRAD I   T. A. Chubb, H. Friedman, M. Votaw
High Power Neodymium Glass Lasers   J.M. McMahon , J.L. Emmett, J.B. Trenholme,
J.L. Holzrichter, T.H. DeRieux, R.P. Burns,
R.H. Lehmberg
Improved Aircraft Canopy and Window Materials   J. A. Kies, I. Wolock
Purple-K-Powder   R.L. Tuve, E. J. Jablonski
Quantitative X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis   L.S. Birks, J.W. Criss, J.V. Gilfrich, D.B. Brown,
H. Friedman
Improved Boiler Water Treatment   W. B. Moniz, D. L. Venezky
Fracture Mechanics - Engineering Tests   W. S. Pellini
Deep Ocean Search   C. L. Buchanan
Aqueous Film Forming Foam   R. Tuve, E. J. Jablonski
Radiation Dosimeters   J. H. Schulman
Nuclear Reactor Safety   W. S. Pellini, L. E. Steele, F. J. Loss
UV Remote Sensing of the Upper Atmosphere   P. Mange, G. Carruthers, R. McCoy, R. Meier
Linear Predictive Coder   G. S. Kang
Submarine Habitability   H. Carhart, F.E. Saalfeld
Flux Corrected Transport   J. P. Boris, D. L. Book
High-Power High Current Pulsed Power Generators   I.M. Vitkovitsky, J.D. Shipman, W.H. Lupton, A. Kolb
Marine Surface Monolayers   W.A. Zisman ,W.D. Garrett, W.R. Barger
Windspeed Measurement Using Microwave Imaging   J. P. Hollinger
Spaceborne Solar Coronagraphs   R. Tousey, M.J. Koomen, D.J. Michels, G.E. Brueckner
Fiber Optic Interferrometric Acoustic Sensors   J.A. Bucaro, T.G. Giallorenzi, A. Dandridge
Semi-insulating Gallium Arsenide Crystals   E. S. Swiggard, H. Lessoff
Super Rapid Offboard Chaff   J. Montgomery, W. Humphries, W.J. Schaefer
Ion Implantation Metallurgy   G.K. Hubler, K.S. Grabowski, J.K. Hirvonen, F.A. Smidt
Fluorinated Network Polymers   J.R. Griffith
Excimer Laser Technology   S. K. Searles
Specific Emitter Identification   R. L. Goodwin, C.H. Heider, J. Edwards, R. Oxley
Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar   D. W. Kerr, G. W. Hermann, D. L. Ringwalt
Key Distribution and Management for Cryptographic Equipment   S. Chincheck
IR Threat Warning   A. Milton, E. H. Takken, M. Pauli, G. Katz, K. Sarkady
Optical Fiber Gyroscope   W. K. Burns, R.P. Moeller, C.A. Villarruel
Permanent Magnet Materials   N. C. Koon
Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System   N.L. Baker, E.H. Barker, T.F. Hogan, T.E. Rosmond
Generalized Nearfield Acoustical Holography   E.G. Williams
Polar Ice Prediction System   R. H. Preller
Fixed Wing Airborne Gravimetry   H. Fleming, J. M. Brozena
Acoustic Matched-Field Processing   R. Heitmeyer, O. Diachok, W. Kuperman, M.Porter, J. Perkins, A. Tolstoy, M. Collins
Magnetic Materials and Semiconductor Technology   G. A. Prinz, J. J. Krebs
On-Board Processor   A. J. Fox, D. L. Pettit, F. B. Kuhn Jr.
Deep Space Program Science Experiment   D. Horan, M.S. Johnson, P.R. Lynn, P. Regeon
Decadal Impact of El Nino   G.A. Jacobs, H.E. Hurlburt, J.L. Mitchell, J.C. Kindle
Optical Immunoassays and Sensors   F.S. Ligler, G.P. Anderson, A.W. Kusterbeck
Dilute Aperture Imaging at Optical Wavelengths   K.J. Johnston, D. Mozurkewich
Mesoscale Prediction System   R.M. Hodur, J.D. Doyle
Application of Nuclear Quadrupole Resonances for Detection of Explosives and Narcotics   A. N. Garroway, J.B. Miller, J.P. Yesinowski
Tactical Receive Equipment   R.E. Eisenhauer, R.F. Higgins, C. Herndon, J. Phillips

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