2000 News Releases

More information and visuals that are not available electronically may be obtained by contacting the NRL Public Affairs Office. New items are added as they are released.

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Scientific & Technical Interest
1/19 NRL's Research Library Launches TORPEDO Ultra
2/9 NRL Instrument Makes First UV Observation of Meteor in Space
2/14 NRL Researchers Develop Methods for Ultra-Near-Field Microwave Holography
2/22 Detection of Landmines by NQR at the Naval Research Laboratory
2/28 New Counterterrorism Detection Tools Developed for Use by Emergency Crews
2/28 Better Memory - VRAM, an Advancement in Digital Storage Memory
5/15 NRL and American Institute of Physics Complete Project to Expand World Wide Web Journal Access
5/22 A Tribute to the Father of Electronic Warfare
5/26 NRL Receives Patent for NQR System
6/13 NRL Develops Critical Components for Next Generation Gamma-Ray Mission
6/30 "Pressure Cooker" Model May Help Explain and Predict Giant Solar Flares
8/8 NRL Scientists Host Workshop on Systematic Global-Ocean Sea Floor Imaging Mission
9/11 NRL's Dr. Herbert Friedman Dies at 84
10/10 NRL Miniature SGLS Transponder Launched on MIGHTYSAT II.1
10/31 NRL Demonstrates First Autonomous Real-Time Hyperspectral Target Detection System Flown Aboard a Predator UAV

Featured Stories
2/7 NRL's Dr. Gerald Borsuk Receives IEEE Frederik Philips Award
3/27 Dr. Shannon Coffey Wins Prestigious 1999 Dirk Brouwer Award
5/19 Norway Honors NRL's Dr. Peter Vogt
5/25 Dr. Elizabeth Dobisz Wins National WISE Award
6/15 Dr. Skolnik Receives Picard Medal
7/3 Dr. George Carruthers First Recipient of NIS Outstanding Scientist Award
8/24 Dr. Timothy Coffey Wins Captain Robert Dexter Conrad Award
9/21 Dr. Elaine Oran Receives Ya B. Zeldovich Gold Medal
9/28 NRL's Dr. Steiner Receives IEEE Young Engineers Award
12/27 Dr. Gerald Borsuk Receives Presidential Rank Meritorious Executive Award